Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe

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Tropical Green Smoothie - Amazingly tasty, easy and good for you. |

Tropical Green Smoothie!

I know! Another smoothie recipe.

Well, smoothies are what I had to survive on for a few weeks to get my health back. So I had to come up with some variations.

And I did. Lots of good ones, too. This creation, Tropical Green Smoothie, is full of lots of yummy tropical fruit.

And one of the great things is that you can have it any time of the year. During the summer, you can use lots of fresh fruit. But even during the winter, you can use frozen fruit. Sometimes I use frozen anyway because I want to eat the fresh stuff plain and savor each bite.

And, if you want to pretend its summer, just crank your heat. Put on some shorts and a tank top. Find a copy of Big Wednesday and play it on your tv. (Those men were so fine! Back then.) And fire up your blender with this Tropical Green Smoothie.

Put a little umbrella in it, if you have one.

Tropical Green Smoothie ingredients - Amazingly tasty, good for you and easy to make! |

Tropical Green Smoothie Ingredients

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Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe


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