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Welcome to my kitchen!

I hope you like what we are cooking.

Today is the first post of many.

For those who don’t know, I am moving my blog from Glügle Gluten-Free over to here.

I am still keeping Glügle Gluten-Free the website, but it is going to concentrate on my local consulting business. Tia’s Kitchen is where I will be posting all of my new recipes, ideas and tips. My allergy friendly recipes, ideas and tips.

After my crazy last few months with horrible, annoying symptoms, I found out that I have a few more food allergies than I thought. So instead of confining myself with just gluten-free, I have decided to open my self up to whatever. This site will be containing recipes based on my food allergies, but it will primarily be a site about good food.

So much food out there is naturally free from a lot of allergens, so I am not limiting myself. And you shouldn’t either. That’s the point.

You will be able to look through the recipe categories up above for foods based on what type of dish you want to make or what type of allergen you are trying to avoid. But no matter what recipe you make, it will taste good.

In the end, isn’t that what we all want. Good tasting food.

So that’s it. Let’s get on with the food. Yum!

The next post will be all about my crazy symptoms and my relief from them all in just 3 days. Stay tuned.

Until then…Food should taste good! Don’t you agree?



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