Peppermint Hazelnut Clusters


Peppermint, Hazelnuts and CHOCOLATE! You won't be able to stop eating them!  These clusters are so easy to make and eat. Makes great gifts, too. |

Mmmm… Peppermint Hazelnut Clusters!

So remember what I said a couple of posts ago about peppermint and chocolate? Yeah, here we go again.

But trust me. This is so worth it.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to stop gobbling these things up.

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2014 Finding Vegan dot Com Holiday Link Love did a great round-up of vegan holiday recipes. The rest of this post is just copied from theirs, but I thought it was worth it to spread it around. Lots of great recipes whether you are vegan or not. Just beware! They may NOT all be gluten free. I have done my best to cull the non-gluten-free recipes out of the post, but I may have missed some. Some are also ebooks that I have not had a chance to look at the recipes myself. Please double check the ingredients. Enjoy!

Vegan Link Round-up!
There are some amazing vegan recipes, books, features and more out there on the internet, but it can be challenging to track down great content sometimes! That is where comes in. FV features recipes and more from the best vegan-friendly bloggers on the web! And this year, we FV asked some of its contributors to share their best content in a MEGA-amazing vegan round-up! Check out all that is going on in the vegan community!..

Easy, Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe with Peppermint. Great for gift giving. | #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan #recipe #hotchocolate #hotcocoa

1. Tia (that’s ME) from Tia’s Kitchen is sharing:
* Hot Chocolate Recipe, Peppermint Optional (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan)
* Vegan Eggnog (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

This amazing vegan eggnog is dairy free, gluten free and egg free. And so super simple to make. |

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Hot Chocolate Recipe, Peppermint Optional

Easy, Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe with Peppermint. Great for gift giving. | #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan #recipe #hotchocolate #hotcocoa

I am a little bit obsessed with chocolate and mint together.

OK. That’s a big fat lie.

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Real Jules, Real Good Giveaway


Fabulous giveaway of gluten free baking mixes from gfJules. Enter now! | #giveaway #glutenfree

Way back when I started blogging five years ago, there were a few key gluten free bloggers that really helped when I was starting out. I learned a lot from these bloggers and got to be part of a great community.

Real Jules - REAL GOOD Giveaway

One of the women who was so welcoming was Jules of gfJules. (She is no longer involved with her former company, so be sure to look for her picture on any products you are planning to get. That will guarantee they are from Jules, herself.)

Jules has been a pillar of the gluten free community, to say the least. She is one of the main people responsible from getting our new labeling law by helping to create 1 in 133. And so many more things on top of selling amazing gluten free products so we can eat fabulous baked goods again.

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Vegan Eggnog

This amazing vegan eggnog is dairy free, gluten free and egg free. And so super simple to make. |

(This post is part of the Virtual Vegan Potluck. I decided to bring my fabulous Vegan Eggnog to the party. I hope you enjoy. To move on in the potluck, go back or start all over from the beginning, just scroll to the bottom of this post and click on one of the big red buttons.)

It’s holiday time! We just passed Thanksgiving here in the states. I love Thanksgiving because you don’t have all of the hullabaloo of buying presents, etc.

I love Christmas, too. Don’t get me wrong. And especially now that I make most of our presents. But I still just have this special affinity for Thanksgiving.

But anyway, this post is about the holiday time in general. One of the big holiday things that my husband introduced me to is eggnog.

My family never really did the eggnog thing. At least, I don’t remember eggnog around.

So when my husband really wanted to get eggnog at holiday time, I was dubious. How can you drink raw eggs and be ok? How can you drink raw eggs and not gag? I mean, ewwwwwwww.

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Gluten Free Banana Bread (Dairy Free and Vegan)

Super easy and super tasty Gluten Free Banana Bread. Dairy Free and Vegan, too! |

When I was little, my mom used to make sourdough banana bread. It took a while because of the sourdough starter. I think usually a day or two just for that. And of course, since I knew she was going to make it a day or two before it actually came out of the oven, it was torture.

I mean, seriously!? For a kid, that is an eternity!

And then, once it was made, it was gobbled up in about 30 seconds. Two days of torture for 30 seconds of bliss. [click to continue…]