Brussel Sprouts in Cream Sauce (Vegan, Dairy Free and Gluten Free)

Brussel Sprouts taste amazing in this #vegan side dish. So creamy and delicious while also being super easy to make. |

Brussel Sprouts!

What image does that conjure in your head? Mmmmm. Yum, yum, yummy! Or ick, uck, gleck, blech, blech, blech, dear-Lord-in-heaven, are you kidding me?

Well, to be totally honest, up until a few years ago, it was the latter for me. Just the idea of brussel sprouts made me want to hurl. And I don’t hurl easily, let me tell ya.

I remember them being made somewhere, and they were boiled or steamed to death or something. Anyway, that boiled cabbage smell permeated the air, and it was disgusting. And my reaction was, “Ick, uck, gleck, blech, blech, blech, dear-Lord-in-heaven, are you kidding me?” [click to continue…]

Cherry Almond Clusters

Can't eat just one of these awesome chocolate clusters. Super easy to make and super easy to eat. These Cherry Almond Clusters are #dairy-free and #vegan, too. |

This post about these awesome cherry almond clusters is a tad later that what I was planning on, but they are just too good not to write about and share with you.

You see, I actually made these before Christmas. In fact, I was trying to figure out a great combination of yummy, good things to surround with chocolate to give as Christmas gifts, along with the peppermint hazelnut clusters. [click to continue…]

Amazing Applesauce Cake

Amazing Applesauce Cake is too good. You won't believe it is #gluten-free, #dairy-free AND #vegan. |

A couple of months ago I was listening to our public radio station as I was tooling around town running errands. While news is all important and good to know, I really listen for the human interest stories and stuff.

This particular day, I started listening in the middle of a show about food. Yum! They were talking to a woman about food she makes for her dad that makes him reminisce of his childhood. And then the topic moved to Irish cooking, applesauce cake and molasses cookies. And as I said a few posts ago, I am all about trying to get in touch with my Irish roots. Especially if it means making tasty food. 

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Here’s to a Great 2015!

Start your year off right! Create a Vision Board for 2015. So easy to do and keeps you moving toward your goals. |

Hope you have had a wonderful holiday. Hope you got to spend lots of great time with loved ones. And enjoy lots of scrumptious food.

We have been a little crazy over here. And by crazy, I mean sick. UGH!

The Sunday before the last week of school, LM started feeling not-so-good. Then he puked all over our minivan. That was just the beginning of almost 3 weeks of sick for us. (This Sunday will be 3 weeks.) First came the queasy, puke-y sick. Then came the flu, fever, chest congestion, runny nose sick. Which lasts forever!

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Great Last-Minute, Homemade Christmas Presents

Lots of great ideas for last minute homemade Christmas presents. |

Most of these homemade Christmas presents on this list are things that members of my family will be getting this year. A lot of them I have been working on throughout the year, but you can make them in a day quite easily. Or even just an afternoon.

So if you have folks on your list that you just can’t think of what to get for them and time is running short, why not try a few of these homemade Christmas presents. Most can be made with what you already have around the house. Or could easily get with a quick trip to a grocery store.

Great last minute gift! Peppermint, Hazelnuts and CHOCOLATE! You won't be able to stop eating them! These clusters are so easy to make and eat. Makes great gifts, too. |

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Peppermint Hazelnut Clusters

Peppermint, Hazelnuts and CHOCOLATE! You won't be able to stop eating them!  These clusters are so easy to make and eat. Makes great gifts, too. |

Mmmm… Peppermint Hazelnut Clusters!

So remember what I said a couple of posts ago about peppermint and chocolate? Yeah, here we go again.

But trust me. This is so worth it.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to stop gobbling these things up.

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